Before your wedding

How far will you travel to photograph a wedding?

Anywhere in the world! I relish the chance to photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad, and am more than happy to travel to wherever your special day might be held. For weddings in the UK there might be an additional charge if I’m travelling over 75 miles away, and for overseas weddings I would ask for my travel expenses to be covered. All of those costs will be agreed before booking though.

How do we book you?

Once you’ve decided to book with me I can send you a link to a private form on my website, which once filled out will give me all of the information that I’ll need for your wedding day. I can then create all of the official paperwork and contracts which will contain all the info you need for making your deposit payment.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit to secure your booking is £300.

Where can we go for our Couple Photo Shoot?

Anywhere you want! If you are in the Midlands I have plenty of suggestions available for some great locations, but if you already have somewhere in mind then I’m happy to work with the ideas that you have. If you wanted to travel further afield then there are some incredible places in the UK in Wales, the Peak District, the Lake District, and more.

Do you offer a discount for a mid-week wedding?

It doesn’t usually make much difference to me, whether I am photographing a wedding at the weekend or during the week. The way I work, and the time I spend photographing & editing is the same so I usually wouldn’t offer a discount. If it is a very quiet time of the year such as November to February then I may be able to offer you a small discount on your booking.

When do we need to pay the remaining balance?

The remaining balance is owed 28 days before your wedding day. You are more than welcome to pay in instalments though if that is more convenient.

Are you insured?

Yes. Along with all of my equipment being covered, I also have Professional Indemnity and General Liability insurance.

On the day

How long do you work on the wedding day?

Typically I will arrive around 3 hours before the ceremony begins, and will stay taking pictures up until at least 30 minutes after your first dance, which is usually at around 9pm. If these timings don’t work for you, or you require some extra time from me then just let me know.

Do you use an assistant or second photographer?

Usually it will just be me attending your wedding day, however if you did want an additional photographer to come along then I have plenty of people that I can rely on. An extra photographer will usually come to around £250. If you are interested in a second photographer attending your wedding day please get in touch for more info.

Do you need feeding at a wedding?

No! I am more than happy to bring along my own lunch. That said, if there is food available for me on your wedding day then I would greatly appreciate it.

How long will the group pictures take?

Typically we would try to take all of your group pictures within half an hour. I personally recommend you limit the amount to around 10 group pictures, as any more than that can end up eating into your precious time. It is entirely up to you though, and if you do want more or less group shots then that is absolutely fine.

What if it’s raining on the day?

I always bring along plenty of lighting equipment, so if it’s really throwing it down outside we can find a nice place to light up inside and take any of the formal portraits that you require there instead. Typically at some stage of the day there will be a break in the rain though, so if an opportunity presents itself I may drag you outside for a few quick pictures. Unless of course you don't mind getting wet, as in that case we just carry on taking photographs as normal!

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, I always have additional cameras and lenses, along with extra batteries, memory cards, lighting gear, and anything else I think might come in handy on your wedding day.

After your wedding

How long will it take for me to receive my pictures after the wedding day?

I try to get all of your images edited and sent out within 4 to 6 weeks. If they are finished any earlier then they will be sent out straight away for you. I’ll also try to get a small sneak-peek of a few of your pictures sent over a few days after your wedding.

How will we receive our wedding pictures?

Once the editing of your photographs has been finished I send them all out to you on a USB stick. On that same day I upload your pictures to a private online gallery for you, friends, and family to be able to log in to see your photographs.

How do I know my pictures are secure with you?

From the moment I take a photograph it is backed up onto two different memory cards in my camera. Then as soon as I get home your pictures are backed up again onto 3 different hard drives, and are uploaded into cloud storage. These backups are kept for at least 12 months after your wedding, so you can be sure that your pictures are very safe and secure.

Still got some questions?

I fully understand that choosing your wedding photographer is a massive decision, and I want to make sure that you feel secure when making a booking with me, so if you do have any questions then I am always available to chat. Just head over to my contact form here and let me know how I can help. I have only touched on the basic details on this page, so if you like we can arrange a meeting to have a chat about your wedding plans, and we can go over how I work in more detail too. Hope to hear from you!